4 Days Bunyonyi Volunteer Safari

Day1: Bufuka Orphanage School

Bufuka orphanage school was established to help provide education to the needy orphans around Lake Bunyonyi. You can participate in teaching within their school period and training for special skills like craft making and swimming as this school is on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and swimming is important to master in case of an accident on the water as it’s the means of transport for most of these children. You may donate to the projects operated by these orphans that include piggery, poultry, and beekeeping. You may also sponsor a child to complete their education by paying their school fees and providing scholastic materials.

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Day4: Lake
Bunyonyi Women Development Project

This was established by local widowed women around Lake Bunyonyi as means of bringing resources together to earn a living and sustain their families. They make several crafts that include baskets, trays, bags; toys, necklaces, etc., and all these are got from the local materials around Lake Bunyonyi. By volunteering at this project, you can help improve the quality of the products they produce, help create a market and promote these products. Being widows, you can help support their families by paying school fees to some of their children or by providing scholastic materials to help them in their studies. Therefore you can conclude your program with other interesting activities at the island like canoe dugout ride and boat cruise to different scenic view islands for bird watching. Visit the cultural performances of the Batwa once the forest dwellers

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5 Days Educational Community Otur

Day2: Bunyonyi Christian Vocational Institute

Bunyonyi Christian Vocational Institute is adjacent to our Hilltop entertainment center. The institute helps to train students around Lake Bunyonyi archive skills in different aspects mostly concerning tourism and hotel management. You will help train them in various sectors like tailoring, cookery, carpentry among others. You may also train them in games and sports and music. You can as well donate a computer to the institute; sponsor a student to different levels as well as participating in the construction of classrooms.

Day3: Rushoroza Girls Vocational Institute

This Girls Vocational Institute was started to help the vulnerable Girl Child who could not continue with their studies archive basic skills in different aspects. You can help train in tailoring and craft making to improve the skills of these girls. You can as well help to provide market and promote the products they produce by taking some to your home countries.