Help and support the Orphans and communities.

Donate to save lives. Your donations will all be distributed through the communities providing medical equipment, and re innovating some medical centres as well as building new health centres for the communities. The funds donated will be used to start many projects in the communities such as providing clean and safe water, providing clothes and food to orphans, helping with school equipment to pupils, supporting poverty reductions in communities through supporting women groups and their projects, and many other possible projects. Every project done and finished will be posted to the site or they will be posted to the company website.

Other kinds of donations are also welcomed for example Teaching kids how to swim at lake bunyonyi or helping with how to sell (marketing skills) their products in order to combat poverty in the communities. Donating old clothes and shoes to orphans and orphanages in the communities, donating old laptops and cameras to help create jobs and help with learning, and sports gear like boots, jerseys and balls of any sport so that kids keep busy and help keep them from becoming thugs in the communities.


Before donating cash/funds please make a trip to the community and find out who will be receiving the funds and where the funds will be used at or used for in order to create trust and transparency. Keep in contact with us to follow up on the projects your funding or the child your helping/supporting.

To those donating materials like cameras, clothes, laptops, sports gears and other materials we advise you to do the same see where what your donating will be going or reach too and incase you are not coming, follow up by constantly contacting us via whatsapp or email and we will be informing you with proof of videos and pictures of the materials donated reaching the communities and people.

Donate to save a life

Support in providing Clean water to rural communities

About us

We are part of the Active Vacations African tourism company. We started this charity project as a way of using our platform of tourism to help poor communities in Uganda that need help to prolong their existence especially with health facilities and medical assistance hence the start of our community travels because 80% of the funds paid for these trips go to these communities.

Donate to Save a Life

Help in providing food to the orphans

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