The Igongo cultural center is located in the west of Uganda and it is the cultural centrality of the Ankole Kingdom. This cultural center features a museum of the Ankole culture. The cultural food, the eclipse monument also known as The Biharwe monument in the local language and cultural shops.

The Igongo culture center holds a variety of information of its own the Kingdom of Ankole and the other neighboring Kingdoms like the Buganda Kingdom, the Mpooro Kingdom, and the Tooro Kingdom. After the tour of the museum the center also has a cultural shop known as Nkwanzi Crafts shop facilities and offers traditional costumes, crafts, and other traditional stuff.

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Spend the evening in the cultural village associated with traditional huts with a spacious Amphitheatre and a venue of bonfires, storytelling, and local alcohol.

Besides all the traditional and cultural setting of the center, Igongo cultural center has a luxury hotel with great accommodation facilities made with the local materials with comfort food dining of both local food and other foodies plus a spa and a swimming pool for relaxing after a long journey.


Kasubi tombs hold a great fundamental to the Buganda Kingdom until today the site remains a spiritual and political role to the Ganda people. The tombs hold great meaning in the Buganda Kingdom because it holds four of the great past Kings of this Kingdom tracing back to the centuries and the traditional architecture of the Ganda people.

The four great Kings of this Kingdom include Mutesa I who was the 30th King of Buganda Kingdom ruled from 1856 to 1884, he was the 1st King to be buried at the site. Mwanga II who was the son of Mutesa, died in 1903 after he died in Seychelles islands during his exile.

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Daudi Chwa II died in 1939 son of Mwanga II and Sir Edward Mutesa ii died in 1969 during his exile in the London United Kingdom. The rest of the Kings of the Buganda Kingdom were buried across the Kingdom.

It is said that the deceased Kings of Buganda their bodies were buried in one place separate from their jawbones which were believed to hold the deceased King’s soul.

Others tombs include the wamala tombs of King Suuna II.