Community-Based Tourism Initiative (COBATI) is an NGO that develops community tourism opportunities in Uganda. It empowers rural villages to increase their earning potential and provide local services.


As a homestead guest, you participate in the activities of the host family and they become your guide during your stay. They will accompany you in your explorations and treat you as if you lived in the village and were not a guest. Guests are also provided meals “local style,” meaning meals that the everyday villager eats.

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A few of the activities offered to the traveler are:

  Village walk, canoeing

  Listening to traditional stories from village elders.

  Watching how food is prepared under hot stones.

  Weaving, milking, harvesting.

  Games with village children.

  Visiting a traditional healer

  Forest walking.

  Hill and rock climbing

  Learning local tradition and history

  Helping with village chores, and if you are lucky attend a local wedding ceremony!

8 Days Mabira Eco Tourism Safari



KAFRED was formed in Bigodi in 1992. The group is an official Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda. Its purpose is to protect the local environment while advancing health, education, and economic growth in the wider local community. The group’s emblem is the great blue turaco, a majestic bird found

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Akatagyenda was established as an umbrella organization representing communities in destination areas of S.Western Uganda to understand the importance of traveling leading to tourism as a business, which Akatagyenda believes, is among the best sectors to help communities get out of poverty.

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Ecotourism is a new phenomenon in the world as it in Uganda dates back to the 1990s. It involves such activities as Nature guided Walks, Bird Watching, Village/community Walks, forest walks, butterfly watching, sport fishing, mountaineering/hill-climbing, Gorilla tracking, Chimp tracking, game viewing, boat cruises, canoeing, caving, scenery viewing

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Volunteer travel participants share a common desire to “give back to the world”. This could be in terms of doing something beneficial to the world as a whole, to a non-profit motivated organization, to a particular community, or the natural environment whilst experiencing new places, having fun, and promoting sustainable

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