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Community-Based Tourism Initiative (COBATI) is an NGO that develops community tourism opportunities in Uganda. It empowers rural villages to increase their earning potential and provide local services.


As a homestead guest, you participate in the activities of the host family and they become your guide during your stay. They will accompany you in your explorations and treat you as if you lived in the village and were not a guest. Guests are also provided meals “local style,” meaning meals that the everyday villager eats.

A few of the activities offered to the traveler are:

Village walk, canoeing

Listening to traditional stories from village elders.

Watching how food is prepared under hot stones.

Weaving, milking, harvesting.

Games with village children.

Visiting a traditional healer

Forest walking.

Hill and rock climbing

Learning local tradition and history

Helping with village chores, and if you are lucky attend a local wedding ceremony!

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