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Responsible community travel in Uganda specializes in community-based tourism in Uganda. Our emphasis is to link visitors and communities for homestay tourism, volunteer tourism, and support community initiatives. We believe that community-based tourism is the main concept for community transformation and we are committed to offering professional and friendly service to our clients as well as life-changing experiences living with the friendly Ugandan people in their local community. We believe that an experience of wildlife and landscape in Uganda is not enough we believe that for one to have a meaningful experience at a given destination, they must be able to connect with the local people at their level. Our community safaris allow our clients not only an in-depth cultural exposure but also the privilege of making a difference by being part of volunteer building teams. Build a village clinic, and classroom block, volunteer your skills and expertise as a farmer, doctor, and nurse. We aim to give our clients a complete and sensational experience of Africa
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Clean Water & Food

Help provide clean drinkable water to orphanages, schools and communities. Help orphanage and schools to secure food for the orphans.

Medical Equipment

Help in providing medical equipment to community clinics and health centres in rural areas,  with equipment like gloves, hospital beds, water, thermometers e.t.c


Help provide reading and writing materials to orphanages and schools in rural areas, materials like writing books, sketching books, novels and text books, pens and pencils and many others.

Our Community Initiatives

Responsible community travel in Uganda, our community initiatives are directed primarily towards the responsibility of giving Ugandan communities a hand-up through travel. We help communities in rural Uganda establish brick-wall classrooms for their schools thus creating a quality environment that helps enhance better quality education provided to the students. The Ugandan population is presently estimated at 31 million people. Of this, over 60% are below the age of 18 and school-going. Universal Primary Education(UPE) a government program that allows free education for all elementary school going children has seen an immense response that has led to overcrowding of schools and eminent shortage of infrastructure and scholastic materials, some children hold their classes under Mango trees- a good gesture but not very weather-friendly.

COBATI & BIGODI Initiatives



Our Best Community Safaris

Responsible community based tourism in Uganda

12 Days Uganda Volunteer Safari

Uganda Volunteer Safaris are organized for groups or individuals. Experience Africa and take part in assisting the local communities to realize their dreams, as you get a great holiday that will include Safari experience homestay tourism.​
Responsible community based tourism in Uganda

9 Days Karamojong Cultural Trail

The Karamojong region is occupied with over 7 tribes, these include the Gia, the Kadama, the Iki, the peteth, the Pokot, the Dodoth, and the Matheniko. This region is in the northern Uganda and all the tribes still hold their culture and traditions intact for over a century. most of these tribes are pastoralists going over the borders
Responsible community based tourism in Uganda

8 Days Uganda Culture & Gorilla Safari

Our culture tours facilitate the normal safaris of going to the game parks and the last is dedicated to visiting different communities depending on the tour you have chosen. This kind of tourism enables our visitors to give donations to these communities and put smiles on the population of the community as they appreciate the help from you.

5 Days Educational Community Safari

We host volunteers like Doctors as we organize health Voluntourism in rural areas, Teachers to visit our rural schools and interact with them as you teach, missionaries to visit churches and support the orphanages to keep supporting the orphans
15 Days Western Uganda culture & Gorilla Experience

7 Days Batwa Cultural Trail & Gorilla Safari

driving to the forest where you will encounter golden monkey tracking, mount Mgahinga hike, and the Batwa cultural performances once the forest dwellers. Visit the Batwa cultural trail to experience the historical and current lifestyle of the Batwa’s.  Spend the whole day with them to take all other practices as they will explain to you
4 days culture & hiking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

9 Days Culture & Hiking Safari

This tour is of two regions in Uganda, Eastern and western regions. in Eastern region hiking is done at mountain Elgon and the culture around the mountain and in the Western region hiking is done at mountain Rwenzori and the culture around the mountain and the communities.

Eco Tourism in Uganda

Responsible community travel in Uganda also carries out Ecotourism which is a new phenomenon in the world as it in Uganda dates back to the 1990s. It involves such activities as Nature guided Walks, Bird Watching, Village/community Walks, forest walks, butterfly watching, sport fishing, mountaineering/hill-climbing, Gorilla tracking, Chimp tracking,

game viewing, boat cruises, canoeing, caving, scenery viewing/nature photography, primate watching/walks, and any other aspects that relate to Natural, Cultural and Rural tourism. The ecotourism destinations in Uganda include all the ten national parks, wildlife and game reserves, forest reserves, events/cultural centers, community wetlands, Theme parks, resorts, and important bird areas.

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Tourism Destinations Uganda

Responsible community based tourism in Uganda

Gaddafi Mosque

This mosque was built by the former president of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as a gift to the Muslims in Uganda. The mosque was opened in 2007 and later changed the title of the mosque from Gaddafi Mosque to Uganda National Mosque in 2013 after the death of Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

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Responsible Travel in Uganda

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi tombs hold a great fundamental to the Buganda Kingdom until today the site remains a spiritual and political role to the Ganda people. The tombs hold great meaning in the Buganda Kingdom because it holds four of the great past Kings of this Kingdom

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Responsible Travel in Uganda

Kabaka Palace

This beautifully built palace for the king of Buganda was built in the 1900s as a gift for the King of Buganda by the British. The palace has all the history of Buganda and is part museum for the history of the kingdom. This palace occupies a whole hill in the middle of the capital city,

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Responsible Travel in Uganda

Uganda Museum

The nyero rock painting was dated back to 1250CE and was first documented in 1913 and was largely described by researchers to be geometric. This kind of art iS attributed to Twa hunter-gatherers who are of the late Stone Age gatherers culture. the museum has all cultures of the country

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Responsible Travel in Uganda

Uganda Catholic Church

The catholic martyrs’ shrine also known as the catholic basilica was built in 1973 after 32 young Catholics and Anglicans were burnt alive after they refused to denounce their religions in the court of King Mwanga II in 1886. In 1973 the basilica was built in remembrance of the brave 32 souls.

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Responsible Travel in Uganda

Igongo Culture Center

The Igongo cultural center is located in the west of Uganda and it is the cultural centrality of the Ankole Kingdom. This cultural center features a museum of the Ankole culture. The cultural food, the eclipse monument also known as The Biharwe monument in the local language and cultural shops

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Donate to support children and communities to access education, water, food and medical supplies to the rural areas in Uganda and communities near the National parks.

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